Friday, April 4, 2008

Cool Kids Art Project

Photo by Zoe

Elijah needed a trash can for his room, we are a little tiered of all the dirty tissues on the floor (and when we did not give him tissues for in his room he used his blanket...yucky!). So we went off to Target, (I needed a chia latte(needed being loosely used here) and to take some photos for my photo class). I was hopping that I could get something for less then 5 bucks! Big dream when I got there and saw the prices. All the cute ones where 20 bucks!!! And Elijah of course wanted one of those. So I made a deal with him. If he would let me get the 2.99 one he could draw on it with sharpies! This was a REALLY cool option for him, and we got out of Target for under 5 bucks!!!! I have NEVER done that before. (This of course does not count the latte and pretzel that I had to get for the kids). We got home and went right to making the trash can something fun and I think we did a good job.


Stephanie said...

The trash can is adorable and that was a great idea.

I've never had a chia latte. Is that like a chia pet?

:) heeehehehehhehehehehhehe

Zoë said...

Very Funny. Ok I can not spell but that can not be a big shocker to anyone that might read this.

Stephanie said...

aw, you know I was just kidding with you. you said I could! :)

Zoë said...

That is OK I do not mind;)