Thursday, October 21, 2010

The street outside of "my" Starbucks has been under VERY heavy constrution ALL summer.... it is looking like it will be done soon..... I hope.  (BTW to get to "my" Starbucks I have to drive ~ 5-10 mins out of my way, because you can not cross traffic at that spot... but do not tell anyone that OK). So when I saw this sign at the drive through today I had to laugh

They say that WI has 2 seasons
Winter and Constrution
Bet you have never been so glad to see winter come!:)

Well it looks like the warm weather has finally left (bummer) and fall is in full swing here (it was in the low 40s when I got up today).  Now I am someone who LOVES summer (I am cold all the time, even in summer these days..... I am blaming the nasty thing that is invading my body these days  autoimmune for that) so the coming of winter is NEVER something that I want to hurry up, but this year I just want to get it on with (the quicker we get it here the faster it is over and spring will be here right; Mark finally let me turn the heat on so now I am kinda warm sometimes:).  So anyway I am getting used to idea that winter is right around the  corner and I am starting to live with it, I mean it is just life right???? But today I have to say that I was not happy with the fact that it was chilly out because when I went to take Ada to school today the gas light was on!!!! (Someone that I will not name, drove the car last night and did not see that the tank was almost empty (mind you I did use up all the rest of the gas) and brought the car back with the light on (OK it might not have been on last night).  So today I had to except that fall was on the way AND I had to pump gas (I do not like to pump gas when it is cold..... OK I do not like to pump gas EVER but I REALLY do not like to do it when it is cold.)

Note it is not at all "Someones" fault that car had no gas, I was just grumpy that is all.

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