Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pink Tuesday

So at Ada's school they have a color of the week.  Every week Ada has been wanting it to be Pink.  We drive in to school wondering what the color will be and Ada's guess is always pink.  (also on the way we have a search for pink things (backpacks, coats, bikes, scooters.... )).  Well of course it was not part of what her dear teacher had in mind.  But because Ada was sad every week when it was not pink her teacher decided to have a pink week!  Today is the first day of PINK WEEK!!!! and guess who woke up with pink eye?????

That's right no school today for Ada.  Now she is "knitting" with me and I am waiting to hear back from the doctor and hoping that they will just call in a scrip to the pharmacy for me so I do not have to go back to the doctor AGAIN today.

Hope you have a happy pink Tuesday!

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