Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Part time job

Today I spent most of the day at my part time job.  I started the day about 9am at the hospital.  I was meeting with a new doctor.  I had a positive TB test a couple of months ago so I needed to see an Infectious Decease Doctor.  One more doc for my "team" ;)  I spent until about noon seeing the new nurse, new intern, new doctor and getting a blood draw.  I got to leave with 2 new drugs (fun fun fun) and new schedule for blood draws (once a month).

I went to go get Ada from Mark.  She still had a little cough that was making me nervous so I called her  Doctor and got her in to see them.  We went from the Marks work straight to Ada's appointment (with a stop at the drive thru... we must eat right?).  They did a strep test on her (which was negative.... so nothing is wrong with her) and we left there at 1:50.  We went straight to get Elijah.

After picking up E I came right home laid right down on the sofa and fell asleep.  Now I feel spent.  I do not like my part time job as a patient.  (Maybe I will quit;)

Well the kids are in the kitchen making an apple crisp thingy so I have to go and start the oven for them..... hope this does not make a big mess....

And because my dad keeps asking for more tile photos here are the first tiles that went into the ground.... it felt great seeing them start to make the river that runs all the way around the hippo.

Can you see the turtles and the fish?


Kari said...

and you still came to my house?? wow. hey I got the seam ripper back - how far do I glue it down??

Zoë said...

Just far enough to make it steady. It was fun to come to your house, but now you know why I left early:)