Friday, October 14, 2011

I can hardly blame her.

Yesterday I took Ada to the quilt store to get some yarn for a hat (our quilt store has a great yarn selection).  I was going to let her pick out ONE ball of yarn.  When I got there and we started looking I thought it would be cool to let her pick out 2 balls  (it would make the hat look cuter).  Well of course she fell in love with THREE balls and started screaming, yelling, crying, throwing herself on the floor, screaming some more (it was so not a pretty sight) because she wanted all three (at 15$/ ball (OK for that price I could get her several hats).  I held my ground and she kept crying.  It took me about 10 mins to convince her that she was only going to get two and she should just get over it!  But if I was telling the truth I would have to say that every time I leave that store I feel like crying and saying "but I want more fabric, more yarn, more patterns, more more more!" so I get where she is coming from:)

Here is the hat with some brown that I had in my stash (or as someone at the quilt weekend called it "material resources").  I think it came out cute.  I ruffly used this pattern from Polka Dot Cottage (it was so worth the 4 bucks I have made 3 already and the are super fast! oh and no decreasing LOVE THAT!).

Boy she so does not look like a girl that could cry and scream and yell so much does she?  I may have to wait awhile before I head back to the quilt store:)

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Lisa Clarke said...

So cute! I'm glad you found the pattern easy to follow :-)