Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No Good Title

I can not think of any good titles, blogs or facebook stuff so you will have to just live with an update:)

All is well the kids are getting better (health wise). Elijah has turned into a crazy kid. I think that we need SPRING!!!! Right now he is in the basement playing and earlier I had to kick his B@%% out the door to play outside. (anything to keep him from fighting with me).

I have been working out (4 days in a row) and loving it! It is nice to do something for me, but it is cutting into my blogging time.

I am still loving my haircut and today I colored it (I would take a photo to show you... but I am not sure that there is that much of a change that you could see it in a photo... oh well at least I only payed $7 for it and not $40!)

Guess that is it for now... sorry it is so wordy and no photos..... wait I could always put up a cool Africa photo... back in a sec with one.......

OK how about this:

Have a nice day:)


kraftykash said...

My kids have been fighting NONSTOP....I think its this yucky weather!

Zoë said...

Glad to hear that we are not alone... sorry to hear your kids are fighting also.

Here's to it stopping SOOOOOON!

Yarni Gras! said...

our windows are open today.....and the kids are outside :-)