Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yesterday was a day of doctors appointments. Thankfully Mark was home yesterday so he could help out with the kids. Elijah had one in the AM to figure out why he "needs" to pee all the time...(the long and the short of it maybe that we just have to wait it out).

In the afternoon I had to see the doctor about my carpal tunnel. (Boy they sure know how to make you hurt:) It is still sore today. Sometimes you do not know how bad it is until someone starts asking you questions, like:

Doc: How often does it wake you up?
Me: Every night (almost)
D: How often does it stop you from doing something during the day?
M: Everyday.
D: (silence) I would not call this minor.
M: (I had just come into the doctor to get a new brace) Oh but it is much better then it was.
D: (silence) OK but it still sounds bad. Is it still getting better?
M: No

OK reading this I think if someone told me that it was this bad I would have sent them to the doctor long ago, but it is always different when it is you.

Can you tell that I have nothing good going on in my life when this is the best thing that I have to blog about..... sorry for the boring blog, I promise to make the kids do something funny today so that I can blog about that tomorrow:)

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