Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ada Liz

I have not told you much about what Ada Liz is up to these days and I do not have lots of time today, but here is a quick update.
She is stilling at the table (still in the high chair because we have not gotten the booster out for her yet.)

She is using forks and spoons very well.

She is fitting in the family very well by talking up a storm. She always wants to know what different things are called. Today we where in the van and she yells "airplane!' and sure enough there was a plane in the sky (I did not even know she knew that word).

She LOVES to have stories read to her and would let you read to her all day (just like her brother).

And in the last couple of days she has wanted to sit on the potty. (she has not done anything, but read on it yet, but she is interested.)

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Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie! She and Hazel are about the same age, and GOSH they have so much in common!

We just moved Hazel out of the high chair this week but don't have a booster yet so she has been sitting on a high step stool that she loves.

This is such a fun age isn't it!