Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day v1.4

How I thought today would go:

A. Take Elijah to school (must be dropped off at 9).
B. Go to Weight Watchers (stay if Ada Liz is up for it).
C. Fool around some until we have to pick Elijah up (pick up at 11:30).
D. Bring everyone home and make lunch.

This is how our Tuesdays go, this would be day v1.0.

Day V1.1
Yesterday I felt icky (not even well enough to set up my new Wii Fit) so I thought I would change B. to find someplace that I can just park the car and play/lay down in the back of the van with Ada Liz until it was time for D.

Day V1.2
Before I got out of bed Mark came up to tell me that he was leaving. When he went into the bathroom he could smell something bad (like burning plastic). So down to the basement to find that heater is sounding funny. So now our day will look like this:

Stay in jammies (for the kids), workout, wait for the repair man. (OK I have to tell you that I did not mind this to much.)

Day V1.3
For some reason unknown to me I could not make the Wii remote and the Wii fit board both to work at the same time (this is not good OK no workout now maybe this afternoon.) Only 1/2 before the repair man might show up (sometime between 9 and 12), better get in the shower. (I am blow drying my hair when Elijah comes up to tell me that he was here and that he let him in( he did not want him to be cold)) The heater is fixable and they will have to come back tomorrow, but we have a fireplace and the heater is still working right now. OK maybe we can make some cookies or something.....

Day V1.4
Ada Liz is crying her head off in the bath tub. She pulls at her ear and says HURT! OK now we are in for a doctors appointment. So off to doctors only to find out that her ears are (and I hate to hear this) just fine! At the last min I did get him to look in her mouth and it looked not so good. We are waiting for the strep test now.

How come days never go as they are planned? Now off to do a workout (I did get both the board and remote to work, so now I have no excuses:)

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