Thursday, January 8, 2009


Yesterday my friend Stephanie and her kids came over to play (that is 4 kids all together). I was ready for the tree to come down and get the Christmas stuff put away. I had it mostly done when Stephanie got here. She was inspired to help me re-arrange the down stairs (GOD BLESS HER!). We move everything in the living room and toy room. It looks so GREAT now!

Once we got the TV out of this stand I was ready to put this on the curb.... I am a little tired of it, but Elijah piped up "we could do puppet shows in it" Man he is a smart 5 year old. I will be making some curtains for it soon.

At the end of the day all I wanted to do was sit down on the sofa, cuddle up with Mark and watch Dr Who (thank you again Alyssa for Netflix). So at 6:30 when we sat down to a wonderful dinner of calzones Mark says " you are going to have to eat fast so that you can make it to class" Bummer class I forgot about class (I could be sick..... no I love the class and want to go... sorta... mostly). So I chowed down on my food and left the house about 10 min's later.
I made it to class on time and had a good class. When I went to get in my car after class it was .... gone. I was fairly sure that it must of been towed and not stolen so my Pastor drove me around the neighborhood to look for it... no luck. So he drove me home (what a nice man). I called and found out where it was and we (all of us) went to pick it up today. On the way out of the house Mark asked me about why the tree was still on the front porch. I told him that we could not get the stand off of it so we did not put it on the street. The jokingly said "well today will be the day they pick up the trees" and yes he was right. So we still have a tree and all the others in the neighborhood are gone...
OK on to one good story and then I will let you get back to your life's.
Ada Liz and I where in the car today after going grocery shopping.

AL: Ada Bad Guy
Z: No Ada not bad guy
AL: Ada Bad Guy
Z: No Ada good guy
AL: NO NO NO NO Ada Bad Guy.
Z: OK Ada bad guy (heehee)

Oh the joys of having a 5 year old big brother;)


Angela said...

I love to rearrange! It looks great...but it is tiring. I just rearranged some rooms in my house, too. Everything is so fresh and new feeling...a great way to start a new year! Oh, and why did your car get towed?!?

Zoë said...

They towed my car because I was in a bus zone.... the nerve of them;)

Vicki said...

I like the new room!