Sunday, November 27, 2011


Well unless you are talking about the ornaments:)

Well here it is:

I LOVE the way it came out, numbers and all (but I am glad that I do not have to do more numbers).

Like I said before I made it from Make It Do (from this pattern).  I did change the pattern a bit (no laughing friends).  First I made the pockets bigger (they where 2.5 in in the pattern and I wanted them 3.5 to give me more room for ornaments) and of course I did not read how she did it all the way through so I ended up fudging making it look wonderful at the end. But all and all I think it came out GREAT.  Oh and it was done on Saturday so just in time for Advent to start (next time I might wait a little longer so that I can cut it even closer (grin).

So this is how it works, everyday you (being the kids) reach into the pocket and take out an ornament to put on the tree*.  On Christmas Eve the tree will be decorated.  I love this idea for many reasons, mostly because I do not have think about what I would put in EVERY single on of those pockets.  So now on to filling the pockets with ornaments**.  I am asking my crafty friends to make me one*** ornament, that way I will have a tree that is filled with wonderful handmade ornaments that will always remind me of all my friends (how about that for adding to the holiday spirit!)

*For this year since there are more then 24 days of Advent I just put more ornaments in the first pocket.

**For this year I am just using gift tags that I got at Target. (I would never expect anyone to make me an ornament in December!  Man I know that we all have a million things to make for our own families:)

***If I have not asked you yet this is because A. I have not had the time or seen you or B. I do not know that you would/could make one.  But of course if you want to make one feel free:) 

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