Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am still here. Just getting used to new drugs, Ada being at school, more kids activities and ..... well life I guess.  Here is a photo from A's last dance class.  Man she does love her some dance!!!

Couple of cute things that she said lately:

(upon us leaving in the car one day)
A: Looks like P is watching Elmo (P is our neighbor and there window is right across from our driveway)
Z: (being silly)How do you know it is not S or B (P's parents) watching?
A: Because S and B watch adult movies.
Z: (don't laugh too hard, don't laugh too hard) OK must be P.

A: At first I did not know if my swim teacher was a boy or a girl
Z:  You know that you can just look at the suit they are wearing and if it covers up here (pointing to the top 1/2 of my body) then you know it is a girl.
A: I know but I was looking them in the eye not down there!
(smart girl, hope my boy gets that gene also)

(at dinner table after teacher conferences)
Z: (to A) Your teacher says she would like to see you play more with your class mates.
Z: (to E)  Your teacher says she would like to see you play less with your class mates.
(kinda sums up our kids:)

That is all for now for A.  Elijah is still loving his french horn and things are starting to really sound like songs when he plays them!  It is SOOOO cool.  Today he started learning to read music (man I wish I could do that).  I know that he has lots of wonderful gifts from me and it is so nice to see some of the gifts from his Dad (like math, music, reading (there are lots more, but right now my brian is a little fried)....... all these things seem to come easy for him and I know that they where not easy for me so I am so happy to see him not having the troubles I had.)

Tata for now. (did I just say that..... man I am rusty at this blogging thing.... hope you will forgive me;)

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