Monday, August 17, 2009


We had a great end of the week and weekend. On Friday we went to my friend Kari's house and spent the day. We came back with veggies from her garden, Elijah with a hair cut, 2 clean kids (they both had showers), 2 sleepy kids (they played in the pool), and I learned how to make a cool basket out of rope and fabric (photos later). Who could ask for a better friend then that???

Over the weekend I worked on a new project (no photos it is a surprise) it is so much fun. It is a free form art thing. (The best I can describe it). I am using plastic bags that I am making into fabric. It is a BLAST!

Here are a couple quick photos from the trip, stories to follow... sometime;)

PS. I did workout yesterday and today.

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Anonymous said...

Hazel wears the SAME Elmos shirt that used to belong to one of the boys...Did some of my moving boxes get mixed in with your moving boxes LOL.