Thursday, August 13, 2009

We are back!

Bet you where wondering where I was. For some reason that I do not remember I did not tell you all that I was going to be gone for a while. (well the reason probably had something to do with packing, getting new bed for Ada, getting new sheets for Ada, making sure that we had enough meds for trip, getting new books for train ride........)

Anyway we had a great trip and I would like to fill you in on all of it, but it is quickly fading from my mind. Hopefully some of the 224 photos that are now downloading onto my computer will help me remember stuff. Seems weird that I only have 224 photos, used to be that I would take many more then at. Guess I had other things to do.

Anyway while we wait for some photos here are some things that I want to remember:

Ada Liz: Mom you are my favorite and my best. In the whole wide world. (she is the BEST little girl in the world!)

Elijah: (to my neighbor before we went on the trip, they had a welcome to the neighborhood party for us.) (pointing to his beer) How many of those do you drink a day???
(this made my neighbor laugh very much, Elijah just wanted the tab from the can and was hoping for lots of them;)

Here is something I heard Elijah tell someone, I think a new neighbor.
Elijah: My Mom started having nightmares after she married my Dad. (he over heard me tell a friend that I started having "I have to much stuff" dreams after I started living with Mark.)

Well still 52 more photos to download so I am going to sign off now and let you see photos later.

PS: I did not workout today so I will have to do a workout tomorrow before I can show you photos.

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Angela said...

glad you had a good trip! can't wait to see some pictures. are always listening and then sharing what they think they know with anyone that comes along!