Thursday, July 23, 2009

No Name Thursday

Not sure when her hair got so long?

This print always hung in my Grandparents apartment and my Dad sent it to me and I LOVE it here. It reminds me of both my Grandparents and my Dad. Thank you Dad.

Oh and of course it came in all this bubble rap and we all had fun with it. So thanks Dad for the evening entertainment.
And yes I did workout, but now it is 20 to 10 and I am thinking that I should start my day..... well at least the kids are both feed.


kraftykash said...

I love that picture from your Grandparents. Its got great colors in it!
When my kids were little they loved painting small sections of bubble wrap and then pushing it on paper. It makes a cool art project!

Zoë said...

What a great idea.... to bad we popped it all:)