Thursday, July 16, 2009

If only it really worked like this

Photo from the old house before we cut his hair. He found this next and was very proud.

Elijah has be "cleaning" with his sister. He is making the "cleaning" machines out of Lego's, very cute. They have lots of booms, and loud sounds coming out of them.

E: I am done cleaning your house.
Z: Can I pay you in kisses?
E: No I am going to pay you 5 dollars, .... I mean 100 dollars.
Z: So let me get this straight, you clean my house and pay me 100 dollars?
E: Yes and I come everyday.
Z: So you will come everyday, clean my house, and give me 100 dollars?
E: Yes
Z: ( I am not sure that life could get any luckier then that:)

OK so I did not workout today, but I am going to walk to the library later (we have books due today) and I did workout yesterday. I am finding that if I workout I might not have time to blog, so I might have to figure this out, but I am not going to stop working out.

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Stephanie said...

Please tell Elijah that I would like to sign up, too. :) And good job on the exercising!!

p.s. I decided I'm bringing choc chip cookies.