Wednesday, July 8, 2009

House and Kids and Cranes, OH My

There are 2 kids hiding in this photo.... one is a better hider then the other;)

This is a photo to show you that Mark started getting the book shelves up and that I got a pile of boxes gone. They where blocking that window and driving me CRAZY... maybe not a far drive, but still:)

Until our friends came over Ada did not know that Dora came in a movie form (she had only seen her on her diapers). You can not even imagine the joy that she felt when she saw Dora for the first time! Here are both kids being crabs with Dora.

We have a guest staying with us from Germany and we took this opportunity to go up to the International Crane Foundation and see their new exhibits. It was fun. Here is a gray crowned crane.

The photo on the right is from a couple of years ago, before Ada was even a spark in our minds. Boy has Elijah changed (but he can still wear those shorts;).

Here is Elijah running and our friend from Germany trying to stop him on film digital.

They have worked so hard to make the prairies look wonderful.

This is one of the founders of ICF George Archibald. It was very nice to see him.

This is by far my favorite part of the Crane Foundation. It is the most peaceful.

More wonderful flowers

One of two happy kids.

Kappy and Elijah

Wattled cranes.

As many years as I have lived here in WI I still find it hard to believe that this cactus can make it through the hard winters here.


Angela said...

That is a beautiful place. The crowned crane is so cool. If I was a bird...

Zoë said...

It is a beautiful place and if you ever wanta visit I will take you there.