Friday, July 3, 2009

So here are a couple of photos from this week. Not sure why I have not been here, but: I have been feeling a little sick (yesterday), closed on our other house (Tue), had 4 kids (Mon) and that was tons of fun but it kinda wore me out, running everywhere to get all the stuff we need for new house (everyday). Anyway here are some photos around the yard and house:

Here butterfly/moth that Elijah picked up off the ground and let walk on him:) Then the b/m walked on Ada and then me! I am thinking that it was a little lost. Mom can you tell what it is? I know not a good photo, sorry.

Here are some plants that are living on the edge of our forest (OK it is just a little plot of trees, but for the city it feels like a forest.) So Mom what do you think they are?

Here is the best Dad in the world walking in the bug biting capital of the world (OK it is just our forest, but there are a LOT of biting bugs in there) when Ada REALLY wanted to walk in there.

Just a pretty flower in one of our many gardens.

One of our new favorite meals: meats, cheeses, fruit (sometimes) & veggies, and bread (lately it has been homemade bread). We all like this meal.

I just love the way the shadows fall on the wall from this light (this is the one going up the stairs).

OK not a great photo, but I love the beveled glass and wonderful oldness of our front door.
Well that is the tour for today. Have a great 4th and enjoy your weekend.


Kari said...

Ok, I'm not your mom, but I might know what that plant is - a chinese lantern. The green bulbie thing will turn a bright orangish red. They are pretty BUT will take over a garden if allowed. THAT IS if that is what that plant is .

Zoë said...

Thank you. I was calling it the green lantern and I was sure that was not what it was. They are in my forest.... will that be ok as long as they are not in my garden?