Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New blogging plan

OK so here is my new plan for blogging. I am stealing borrowing this from my friend Stephanie. No blogging until I workout. So I am thinking that you might not see me very much, but at some point I am going to miss it and my parents are going to start yelling for new photos and maybe you will even start yelling at me (I could use all the motivation I can get:)

So it is 9:30 and here is the list of stuff I have done today:

  • worked out (that is why I am here today and was not yesterday)
  • put 2 or 3 loads of laundry away
  • started more laundry
  • feed 2 of the 3 kids that are playing happily in my basement right now
  • started a batch of bread
  • helped my husband and a friend put our big hutch up (mostly I just watched)
I think that is it. I am also thinking that by 3 I am going to be sleeping on the sofa:)

Now for some photos of our progress on the house. I spent lots of yesterday working on this:

OK I did take the photo through the door, because there are still some boxes out there, but also because I thought it made for a better photo and please forgive me for the bread bag ties that are holding the curtains open;)

I had my b-fast out here (long before the kids where up it was so nice).

I LOVE that we brought these from the old house and that Mark got them up. He did a wonderful job!

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