Monday, July 20, 2009

You might want to stop what you are doing and RUN to your window..... I mean it stop reading this and run to your windows or you might miss it (I will wait here)......

Did you see it? It you see the flying pigs???? What you missed it? Well I told you to run I bet you did not run. Oh well I will show you a photo:
image from here. pig

You see here in WI the pigs are flying, why you ask? Elijah ....... wait for it because it is big....... Elijah has decided that he likes....... sausage!!!!! OK if you do not know my kid you are thinking what kid does not like sausage? Well until about 6 months ago we could not get him to eat ANY meat. So now he can add to his long "like" list. The meat like list takes up a lot of room to type and I am not sure I can afford to use space, but I will try :) (hot dogs, hamburgers, and now sausage;) (OK not much, but there always BIG fights before "discovering that he likes them") You would think that we where trying to feed him liver and pigs feet (maybe I should try them he might like them heeheehehhe)

Anyway on to life:

I have not worked out today yet, but I did yesterday and I am going to do it after I get done here (I swear! Update: Did it! ). I have found it hard to workout and then blog, because I like to blog first thing and that is when I workout..... well I am sure I will be able to figure this out.

Well I was going to put up some photos , but I just started importing them and there are 86 of them..... I guess that might have to wait. I just started a new purse (for my trip) (what I have not told you about how we are going back on the train????) Oh well. I will so you some photos sometime soon. I am hoping to work on it today.

Well the photos are done so here are some from the last week or so.

We have a brand new 2 year old here in this house this week! Here is what you wear when you can wear whatever you want:

Yes that is a swimsuit and jeans (not bad you think for a summer outfit?? I think it got to a whopping 65 yesterday.)

Here is the Lola that Ada loves and wanted AS CLOSE TO THE LENS AS SHE COULD :)

Just cute.

At the fair with friends.

It is hard to believe that we meet all these kids when Elijah was 3 1/2 weeks old!!! Boy have they grown!

Here are some of the seconds.

We made it through the first 5 years!!!!!!!!

Gotta go workout (Mark just asked why I was blogging if I had not worked out..... I hate that he keeps me in line:)

Now for a little word from Ada :

jjjjjjj j uuutteee

And because Ada can not do anything without Elijah wanting to do it also:


(he always has more to say then she does;)

Sorry for rambling so.... I guess I missed blogging:)


Tracey said...

When did little Ada get so big? She is huge!!! And absolutely adorable!!!

Zoë said...

Thank you yes she is. I am not sure where the time went, but here she is all big! sniff sniff

Brandy said...

Ok, kind of creepy here. I'll have to take a pic of Hazel in her Dora swimsuit and post it on my blog in a few days! Do we have the same littel girl? That would explain the same clothes and hair...