Wednesday, August 19, 2009

House Projects

Since we moved here to WI I have been haling (OK my friends and movers have been haling) around boxes of rocks from OR. They are cool rocks and I have never felt settled enough to let them be outside. The minute I saw this drain I knew what to do with all the rocks. And yesterday we did it. I love the way they look and can hardly wait to see them in the rain.

We are also starting a project to make a new garden. I am getting really excited about the idea of veggies and new flowers. We are having that wonderful tree removed and put a small peach tree. (the tree is going to be saved and moved, I am so happy not to have to cut down a tree that is doing well and cute.)

And here is one cute kid. OK not a house project, but still cute.

PS I did not workout today, but I did do it yesterday and I did not blog so I am counting that!


Kari said...

Did you not work out because of your aches and pains?

thanks for yesterday,

Zoë said...

No because I had lots of other things that where way more fun to do:)

Anonymous said...

WOW she is getting so big! And the rocks are cool!