Monday, February 7, 2011

New Quilt

I started working on a new quilt for my sister.  I wanted a lap quilt that would keep her warm while watching TV, or working on the computer.  I had a tuff time finding colors that I thought she would like and that I would like working on (we are VERY different in color choices.... me pink... her ANYTHING but pink;) Anyway I started on and found that I did not like it for her.

Here is a photo of the first try:

This felt to pink to me. Maybe I am wrong.... Maybe my sister will tell me:)

Anyway I went ahead and made this:  (it needs borders and all that)

I LOVE the way this come out, but now I am wondering if this is her colors.... maybe my sister will let me know (hint hint hint!!!)

Anyway for all those quilters out there (all 4 of you:) I made these using this method and let me tell you it works and works REALLY WELL.  I am not the most accurate quilter in the world.  Most of the time I do not mind, but in this case it would have REALLY bugged me if all those points where not pointed.  But with this method it was really easy to make them pointed.  Note I did make sure that all four pieces from the same square stayed together so that if there was a mistake it was carried through and there for would be fixed. Also I did not use a charm pack as I could not find one that I like for my sister, I just cut 6 in squares.  I fat quarters (4, but I wish I had used 2 of each color... would have made it much bigger)for the colored blocks and got 9 blocks out of each fat quarter.  ( I used 1 yard of the light color).

If you want more info on how I did this just let me know and I can show you.

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I like it... the new quilt. barbaara