Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well Elijah is back at school today (insert happy dance here).  He is happy, I am happy the only unhappy one is Ada (she liked having "brother" around, but she will get over it.... like when she is a teenager..... eeeek did I just say teenager.... do not think about it , do not think about it, do not think about it!!!!!)

Yesterday we went to the play Ferdinand the Bull, and it was fun.  Both kids like it very much.  After the play we went and helped form a circle of people holding hands around the capital. Wicked cool. We left after Ada started saying that her toes where hurting (we stopped at Starbucks to make sure that her toes where the right color and not getting frostbit.... and while we where there anyway we did partake in some tasty stuff (all for the name of pink toes you know:))  Then we took the bus back home ( I did not want to drive downtown and try and find a space to park when the bus would let me off RIGHT by where we where going).

Now are you wandering about the photo?  Last night I was really in the mood for some spinach and not the raw stuff (I do not like the raw stuff) so I added it to the pasta sauce that I was making and it was YUMMY.  Everyone liked it.  I also made steamed/boiled carrots and they where SOOOOOO good (we had to make Elijah eat his pasta before we let he have more, man I never thought I would say no to veggies, but I did want him to eat something to fill him up also).

Hope you are having a nice Tuesday.

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