Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy week.

E has been off of school since I last posted and is off again today.  They say that he is going back tomorrow and we are all crossing our fingers.  Elijah really misses being in school. (BTW we will NOT be home schooling anytime soon.  I do not know how people do it, but I have a TON of respect for them.)  That said we have been having fun this last week.  Lots of play dates, sleeping in, and a big trip to the windy city.

The trip down to Chicago was great.  We  left around 7ish (we where ready at 7, but Brian and the boys where in so much shock that we where ready that it took them 15 mins to get over it:) and ate on the road (we found out that Elijah likes McDonald's sausage breakfast sandwiches (without the egg of course) and that Ada will scream if there is cheese on her sandwich:).  We drove through down town and Elijah was amazed by how big the buildings where.  I remember being like that when I would go and visit my Grandparents after living all my life in a small town.

The Field museum was fun and the kids loved it.  After the museum we went to IKEA and I found out that I do not have to spend TONS of money in that store (less then 20$!!!!!) Then back home by 9:30ish.  Some things that I should have done, but did not:

  • remember my camera ( lots of photos in my brain and will download them as soon as I can find the right cord, it might look something like this.)
  • remember to bring extra outfits for the 3 year old who sometimes has trouble making it to the potty on time (what was I thinking????)  I guess I was thinking that she would be fine and not have one problem going to the potty EVERY time I ask and not throwing one fit!!!!!! Great job little girl.
  • remember to bring extra shirts for the boy as he tends to get car sick. (luckily he told us and we got him out of the car (about 100 yards away from LegoLand which we did NOT go in even thought I tried to get us to) and his tummy settled down.)
  • not to show up early because it will throw Brian off and he will forget all the lunch stuff that he made for us (including the Cokes.... we got more... all was ok).
Over all it was a great trip and the best part was that I was ok the whole day and pretty good the rest of the weekend.

Well sorry there are not photos and just lots of talk, but I needed to get it all out of my head.  Hope you all are having good weeks.

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