Friday, February 25, 2011

My loves

OK this bums me out.  I have 2 very cute photos that I REALLY wanted to share with you, and BLOGGER does not want to help me!!!! Oh well I never have this trouble and I do read (on one of the hum 10 (ok maybe the number is more like 58 but that number makes me sound like all I do is read blogs all day, like I would let my kids feed themselvies bread and water for b-fast, like I would let them watch tv so that I could read blogs, like I would ... (sorry got carried away there)) that other bloggers (do you remember how this sentence started?  it is kinda long right:) have trouble with loading photos (see I did get back to what I was saying, now I am going to end the longest sentence in the world).

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to load them.  We had ANOTHER day off today (this one was planned before all the sick-outs).  We went to Target with our neighbor and her 2 kids (1.5 and 6 weeks) then out to eat. ( Man that does not sound as fun as it was.) Now we are hanging out until we head to a friends house for a fun playdate/craftdate/movienight/laughingnight/timeseefriendswehavenotseeninalongtimenight. (can you read that last one?  Know we know why spaces are so important (a little learning so that you did not feel bad if you have been spending the last couple of hours hum mins reading blogs).

OK I am going to try the photos one more time cross your fingers.

Guess your finger crossing was not enough (or maybe you did not do it..... )anyway as you can see I did not get it to work.

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