Friday, April 8, 2011

I am getting better.......


As many of you know my son has a egg allergy (along with others).  For most of the last 7 years we have been an egg-free house. In fact during that time you might say that I kinda was afraid of having eggs anywhere near my son (it was the one thing that he eat that resulted in my using an epi-pen). In the last 6 months his allergy has gotten better so we have started adding eggs back into our house.  Well today I made my first hard-boiled eggs in ...... well it might be 7 years.  

They are nice looking eggs yes?  They are sitting on a napkin that I made over the weekend (I think I might have to go out and get more of that fabric, it is a cute line and I LOVE IT ALLLLLLLL).

*OK so I did wash my hands at least a dozen times while I was cooking the eggs and the pot is in the dishwasher so maybe I have not completely gotten over my fear of eggs:)

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