Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day Eight

Just a wonderful street photo in Roma.


Market Photos

Sorry if this makes you hungery.

Yummy Veggies

You know you are in an Italian market when you see boxes of sun dried tomatoes.

Everything you need to make coffee.


More cherry blossoms.


My sweet parents.

More wonderful buildings.

I just can not imagen how long it takes to get all that paint off their faces.

Cute pink Smart car (I want one of these.... where could I put the car seats????? hummm maybe I need to think about this one.)

Sorry about the bad photo of my mom, but I just had to have a photo of one of these cute trucks.  (I think I saw one at ToysRUs the other day;)

I did not do anything to the color of this photo... the light was just like that.  This is the view out of the window of our apartment.


kari's corner said...

to have a market like that!!

Diane said...

Hello! Just came across your blog by hitting "next blog" : )
Love your parents, they do look so sweet!
Looks like a wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME PHOTO!!!! LUV the market pics!