Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day Seven

My dad got to Roma on a rainy day and we took him out to walk around.  I love this photo of the umbrellas.

He did not think he could walk far, but I got him all the way to the Pantheon (can you tell that I love that place?)

This is what I want when I am their age.  Are they not the cutest couple you have ever seen?

We have come a long way from:

This kinda makes me sad a little bit .... thinking that one day my babies will be big like my sister and I are now:(  (maybe I will try to stop feeding them again.... it did not work last time, but who knows maybe this time.....;)

BTW I wanted to get a purse while I was in Roma... you know a nice leather one. But the last thing my husband reminded me about before I left was how Mr Walker was giving us a pay cut.  So I was trying to be good (and I think I did a good job).  But I could not pass up this purse.  It was super cute and ..... well super cute.  If you find you MUST have one like it you do not have to travel to Roma to get it, it came from H&M.  That is right I went 1/2 way around the world to buy a purse that I could have got a the mall... oh well it is still cute, right?

Oh while we where there Italy was celebrating 150 years of Unification.

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kari's corner said...

I like all of the family pics. Sometimes we think we have gone so far from where we have started....