Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why My House is Not Clean

I wanted to make a little something for Miss Ada and instead of working on my list of things that need to get done I did this. The top photo is what the shirt looked like when I bought it.

Here it is now. I think that she will look cute in it. And it is not pink (not that I mind pink, but I get a lot of grief about all the pink Ada wears. I can not help it if she look wicked cute in pink;)

Here is a close up. (not the best job, but it was my first and I like it.)

I have to give a BIG thanks to Stephanie who showed me how to do this. She rocks!


Stephanie said...

Totally worth not having a clean is adorable!

Warning: this is highly addictive.


Tracey said...

I love dinosaurs!!! Did you just use a zig zag stitch to attach it?

Zoë said...


Yes I did use a zig zag stitch. I love the dinosaur also. I had intended to have a cute heart or something, but when I pulled out the cookie cutters (that is what I used to trace around) I saw this guy and it was to cute to pass up.

~ANG said...

Oh man, that is such a great idea! Did you put interfacing on that before you zig zagged it on? I'd like to give that a try. I may have to raid my mother-in-laws cookie cutter collection:o)

Zoë said...

Yes I put interfacing on the back of the fabric and the back of the shirt (where I was sewing it on). It was sew Heehee easy and fun.

You do not need cookie cutters if you have a good eye for drawing things... which I do not;)

Vicki said...

I love the multicolor thread - it ties all the colors in so well!

Poop. Now I think I may HAVE to get that sewing machine from my mom!

Zoë said...

Vicki, it is sew much fun;) I love the thread too. I have had it a long time and have not found a use for it until now. I may have to use it on more projects now.