Friday, July 25, 2008

Thrift Store Finds

My good friend e-mailed me this morning to ask if I wanted to meet up at a thrift store today. I jumped at it, and had lots of fun! Here are my finds and all for less then 22$! (I think I did good)

Here is a not so secret, I LOVE books! but I do not go to the library as much as I would like to, so thrift store books ROCK. I can get lots of books and not feel the pain of new book store prices. As you can see I got some for the kids and some for me. (because we both needed more books, NOT).

Cool Robot that I could not pass up even if I did not know if it would work (it had no batteries), well it does (kinda loud, but fun).

And finally I have ALWAYS wanted a quilt rack for some of my quilts and this one was ... ready for this????..... 4$!!! Way cool. Even the guy behind the counter thought that was cheap and he works in a thrift store! Now I just need to decide if I should paint it or not.

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~ANG said...

I totally had Gus the Friendly Ghost when I was little! Oh, I seriously need to got thrifting...such great stuff! Oh, I'm all over painting the quilt rack..and for $4!! What fun!!!