Monday, July 21, 2008

Great Walk

Elijah, Ada Liz and I just got back from a GREAT walk. I did not take my camera so there are no photos (I am bummed that I did not even think about taking my camera!)

I do not know how it the summer could be 1/2 over already and we have not been on more walks. The weather was wonderful, 70's and breezy, and there is LOTS of construction going on (so lots for Elijah to look at). I kinda thought that the walk would go like this:

(Four minutes into the walk)
E: Can we go to the park now?
M: Elijah we just got started, we need to take a nice long walk first.
E: But I am tiered, I want to go to the park
(repeat until I get mad)

But instead we had a nice walk we got to see lots of cool flowers, grasshoppers, and a FROG (a baby frog at that, it was tiny.) I got both the grasshopper and the frog in my hands so that Ada Liz could see them, and she liked seeing them. I am going to put on my to do list more walking.


~ANG said...

Sounds so great! Don't forget your camera next time. Although holding 2 grasshoppers and a frog while taking pictures won't be easy :o)

Zoë said...

Sooo true!

Stephanie said...

I love walking. I can't wait until the mosquitoes are gone so we can go in the woods!

Sounds like such a nice morning.