Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bunch of Photos

Ada Liz has her first tooth!!!! I felt it yesterday and I can see it, but I know where it is. Maybe that is why she has been SOOOOO fussy.

Elijah this morning before school.

This is how Elijah put the bones of the body together. We where trying for a silly puzzle. (I think we did it, aren't you glad God did not make us this way.)

Just a cute Ada Liz photo.

Mark says that Ada Liz looks like Grampa Munster. What do you think?


~ANG said...

Grandpa Munster! That's hilarious! She is way cuter, plus there's no pointy ears ;o)

Zoë said...

Next time I will have to put pointy ears on her hehehee;)

Captain Mary said...

What an imagination to even think of Granpa Munster. Smart kid, and no way that beautiful little girl looks like that old man.

Zoë said...

Captain Mary,

Thanks for stopping by. Yes I agree that Ada is MUCH cuter (but then I am her mom;)

Yarni Gras! said...

no WAY! much cuter.....but I always did like Gramps.