Monday, July 14, 2008

Bunch of Little Stories

Lots of little things to tell you about. I have been busy lately spending most of my free time either sewing or watching Torchwood. (Not as good in my mind at Dr Who, but fun) Anyway here are some photos and stories from the last couple of days:

Ada love trying on Mark's helmet. She was having a blast doing this the other day, Elijah joined in and tried on Dad's riding gloves.

We went up north this weekend for a picnic and we had a fun time, but on our way up there we saw some of the flooding that is still going on. Man I am glad we have a dry basement.

Last but by no means least.... WE HAVE OUR FIRST TOMATOES!!!!! They where yummy. (there where only 4, and they did not last long after getting in the house... they would not have made it in the house if I did not have to show them off...hee hee, but they were great!)


~ANG said...

Hello my fellow rambler :o) Great pictures. Tomatoes look so yummy! Oh, and from the last post, love the picture of you guys playing behind the couch! So fun!!

mr said...

I would say we went West, WNW perhaps.

Kari said...

The tomatoes look delish - I'm jealous. Ours are still VERY green!

Stephanie said...

beautiful. jealous. ;)