Wednesday, July 30, 2008

That @##@#$% Vacuum

For some time now I have been HATING my vacuum. It is a dumb, good for nothing, piece of junk!!!!! (OK it is just a vacuum so it can not be dumb and it is not exactly good for nothing as it does vacuum some, but it is most certainly a piece of junk)

Here is how I think that vacuuming your floor should go:

  1. Get vacuum out.
  2. Run vacuum over all carpets/hard floors that you have/want to clean in any giving time.
  3. Put vacuum away. (there maybe some stopping in the middle for kids, phone, life)

Here is how my vacuuming experience goes:

  1. Get vacuum out (so far so good)
  2. Run vacuum over about 3 feet of carpet (OK really for about 5 Min's)
  3. Vacuum stops so it can cool down (if you are on the stairs wait with vacuum or it will fall down the stairs, if you are not on stairs sit down have a drink ( you will need it).
  4. Turn vacuum back on (you did not wait long enough go back to step 3) (this step may take a couple of tries because now you are getting REALLY mad and a little antsy)
  5. Turn vacuum back on, run vacuum for about 1 min, vacuum stops.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you are really drunk and can not see the dirt on the floor. (just kidding, but really a vacuum that only works for 1-5 Min's!!!)
Today I was trying to vacuum the stairs and I had the gate across the bottom step, so that Ada Liz would not climb the stairs and the @#$@##@$ silly vacuum stopped (1/2 way up the stairs see step 3 above) so there I am on the stairs holding a vacuum that is not working watching a baby scream her head off at the bottom.... what fun this day is.

Oh and did I mention that it does not really pick up cat hair very well any more? But that is an overrated feature anyway. Who needs cat hair picked up? I only have 2 cats.

Boy do I feel better now. Ada Liz is taking a nap and I think that the cat hair is just going to stay on the steps and I am going to have a drink I mean sit down and relax.


~ANG said...

You are crackin' me up! Oh, the vacuum...grrrrrr! I hope you had some time to relax during the naps before you tackled that confounded thing again!

Vicki said...

You need a Dyson. Seriously. After the first time you use it, you'll want to kiss it and buy it dinner.

Kari said...

I think it's time for a new vacuum. I can just picture Ada calling for you from the bottom of the stairs.

Zoë said...

Thank you all!! And thank you Vicki I would love to take a vacuum out to dinner, maybe it would suck up all the fat in french fries;)

Sarah and Jack said...

I gave up on the regular vacuum and always use a shop vac now. That thing works like magic and can take a beating. (Plus they are cheap, I got mine for like $35 brand new. WAY cheaper than a Dyson! LOL)

But we have hardwood floors, I am not sure how much I would like it if we had wall to wall carpeting?

Yarni Gras! said...

I know what you mean! The part about it falling down the stairs unless you hold on to it....ARGH!
Mine turnes itself off every now and then...if it was that often, it would have to have an 'accident' so I could get a new one!
As for the could always get one of the hats you see at baseball games...the caps with the loopy straws attached to a KEG on the dudes back! hahahahahahaha....

Zoë said...

I love it. Maybe if I get one of those hats and where it when Mark is around he be all for a new vacuum;)LOL I love it!