Thursday, July 17, 2008

To Do List

Boy oh boy is this going to be an interesting post. Hold on to your hats cause here it comes.
Here is my list of stuff I hope I get done today:
  1. clean my down stairs (since I did not do it yesterday)
  2. clean all of my bathrooms (love having more then one most of the time)
  3. clean kitty litter box (love having cats, hate litter)
  4. water the poor plants in front of my house that have not been watered in FOREVER
  5. go grocery shopping
  6. bake a cake
  7. go to Elijah's bike parade (at school)
  8. sew tote bag (will I ever get that done?)
Does that seem like to much? I will let you know when the day is done.


Kari said...

Good luck with your list...I would probably do it in reverse order!

Your totes are inspiring me to start one for myself.

Zoë said...

Thank you Kari. I REALLY want to work on the tote, but luck would have it that Ada will only take one nap today and it is done. (I can only sew while she is sleeping).

~ANG said...

Holy smokes! That's quite a list. Hope you get it done. I can only get sewing accomplished when my girls are asleep, too.