Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy Busy Busy Update

Just a quick update before I head off to bed.
  • My MIL's bag (the one I promised her for mothers day) is almost done!!!Done now
  • Couple of cute things for Elijah (he does not know about them, I will show you after he sees them)One of these is done now
  • Quilt for Church 2 blocks done
  • 2 new bags (cut out mostly)
Not bad for 45 mins!


Kari said...

You are really taking full advantage of your crafting time this week - you rock!

Zoë said...

Kari, thank you. I am trying. I know that I will not get it all done, who ever does, but I am loving getting so much done.

~ANG said...

You have been busy! Love crossing things off the list!