Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Medical ID

Well for some time now I have been wanting to get a Medical ID for Elijah and finally I ordered one and yesterday it came. He loves it!

It has his name on one side and his allergies on the other. Yesterday he was asking me what it the front side said and I made him read out the letters (he knows how to spell his name, but for some reason he did not recognize it).

E: E
M: yes
E: L
M: yes
E: I
M: yes
E: J
M: yes
E: A
M: yes
E: H .... (thinking) MOM that is my name!!! That is how you spell my name!!!
M: yep (proud)

And what day is complete without a cute photo of Ada Liz? She is having trouble keeping her eyes off Elijah;)


barbara said...

i must say that you are doing a superb job being an alergy mom. I think getting Elijah a medical alert tag is great thinking! barbara

Vicki said...

Can you email me a close-up of his ID tag? I've been toying with the idea for kindergarten, and want to get an idea of what they really look like.

P.S. Love Ms. Ada Liz's pigtails!

Stephanie said...

I know, her pigtails are sooooo cute!

Good job, elijah!

~ANG said...

Cute story...I need to get a Medical ID for my little one. loving Ada's hairdo :o)

Zoë said...

Thank you all. I love putting Ada in those pigtails, even if she does not like getting them put in.