Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nice Couple of Days

We have had a nice couple of days. We spent Wednesday at the pool with our good friends. (I managed to get good and sunburned, but I kept the kids free of sunburn:) The pool was SOOOO much fun (even with Ada Liz HATING it). They have a zero entry section that is huge so there is lots of space for the kids to play and we (the parents) could feel safe. And they have a really big sand box yard. The sand area has water and all kind of stuff for making mud pies and stuff. Really fun.

Yesterday we went to see some friends that we met at the camp that Elijah and I went to. We had tons of fun and a wonderful lunch. Thank you guys! While we where there I found out that the Mom is a CRAFTER!!!! And looking for people to craft with!!! She makes quilts and knits. What fun!!!! We just happened to have a craft night scheduled for last night so I invited her to come and she DID.

We had a great time crafting. I really needed it. Thank you to everyone that showed up, and maybe next time we will not get in trouble for having so much fun;) I worked on the tote bag for the exchange I am in (I also worked on it while the kids where napping so that is why none of my house work got done. But who needs a clean house when you have a cool tote bag to work on. LOL) I will put photos up when I am done with it.

Here are some photos from the last couple of weeks that I have meant to get up here.

Elijah come home from school like this one day.

Here we are playing behind the sofa.

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Brandy said...

That sand yard sounds like fun! Can't wait to see your tote!