Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Header

I am trying out a new header. I do not know if I like it, but for now it is going to stay.

I have a bunch of stuff to say, but right now I am off to watch a movie, but I can not leave without a couple of photos from yesterday. (truth be told I can not because my parents will be mad if they do not get some new photos;)

Wonderful sparkler fun!

There is a fun sound that goes with this cute face. I wish you could hear it.


~ANG said...

Loving the header!...and the pics:o)

Zoë said...

Thank you. I am thinking of changing the whole thing, but did not have time last night. Had to watch the Golden Compass.

CathyJean said...

I love your header, too! You take beautiful pictures and your little angels are sooo sweet!!:)

Zoë said...

Cathy Jean, Thank you. I love taking photos and this has been a great way for me to show them. Thanks also from the kids. We think they are cute and we are going to keep them;)