Thursday, July 17, 2008

To Do List take 2

  1. clean my down stairs (since I did not do it yesterday)
  2. clean all of my bathrooms (love having more then one most of the time)as long as you do not count my bathroom;)
  3. clean kitty litter box (love having cats, hate litter) Sorry kittys
  4. water the poor plants in front of my house that have not been watered in FOREVER
  5. go grocery shopping
  6. bake a cake
  7. go to Elijah's bike parade (at school)
  8. sew tote bag (will I ever get that done?) not even a chance... bummer
Over all not bad.


~ANG said...

impressive! Don't you just love crossing things off the to do list?! We don't have any pets right now, but I would have skipped the litter box, too!

Zoë said...

I love cross off lists!

The cat box is in the basement so it is soooo much harder to get to;)

Stephanie said...

holy cats, woman! good job!

Zoë said...

Thanks Stephanie!