Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Which one is better for you?

I was sitting at the counter eating my bowl of Special K and reading the back of these boxes to make myself feel better about the cereal that I chose. What do you think I found out? That the Wild Puff is in fact a little bit better for me then the Special K. I have to say that the Wild Puffs is kinda like Fruit Loops. Maybe tomorrow I will be having my Wild Puffs;) (BTW for anyone on Weight Watchers they are both 2 points for 1 cup).

I will post more bookcase photos later, because I know that you are all waiting with baited breath;) But they are starting to look really nice.


Anonymous said...

Look at that beautiful little girl... TURNING over by herself! Next thing we know she will be walking!

Anonymous said...

anonymous is really proud grandmother barbara who can't quite firgure ought how to sign in as herself.

Zoë said...

Thank you Mom, I did know it was you.

mr said...

Knowing it's organic should be enough.