Tuesday, March 18, 2008

She Can Do it!!!

She can roll over!! The last 3 times that I have gone into her room after nap or sleep she has been like this. Happy and on her tummy. If I put her on her tummy she would scream until I take her off. So now we know that it is in fact not killing her to put her on her tummy;)

This is what my bedroom looked like yesterday.

This is what it looked like last night! It is coming along nicely. He says that it will be about another 8 hours of work. He will be back a couple of times this week so heres to hoping it will be done this week. All is going well as long as you over look the time that Elijah tipped over one of the end bookcases, thankfully Reed was there to get it before it went out the window, that would of sucked!

Elijah is really into bad guys these days. Everyone is a bad guy and bad guys always win. Most of the time Ada, me and himself are all bad guys and dad is a good guy (why is dad always a good guy?), but today we had a little different conversation.

E: I am a bad guy
M: OK (sigh)
E: Ada is a bad guy to
M: OK, but I do not want to be a bad guy.
E: Oh, you are not you are a good guy and dad is a good guy. Ada and I are bad guys and you and dad are good guys.
M: That is the way I think about it on most days (oops maybe I should not have said that out loud;)

One other Elijah saying;
E: It is as hot as cold water.
(how hot do you think that is?)

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Anonymous said...

sweet ada lying peacefully on her tummy, and so much hair for a tiny one already! she is so relaxed and i love the one arm outstretched and one knee up,, perfect for lengthening the spine,, she will grow fast!