Monday, March 24, 2008

I do not think this works the way you think it works.

I was talking to my friend on Friday who is 39 weeks pregnant, due next week and this is the conversation that we had:

Z: So you do not have long now, right? ( I have trouble remembering what day it is let alone what day she is due, but I do have an idea that it is soon.)
J: Next week.
Z: Yaehhhh!!!! What are you going to do with Ian while you are in the hospital?
J: We do not have a good option, we feel safe with the people that we have picked out, but not comfortable with calling them in the middle of the night. But I know that I will not go into labor before next week anyway.
Z: Why is that?
J: Because that is when my mom is coming and I am to stressed about the whole where is Ian going to stay to go into labor before then.
Z: (silence) OK

I do not think that labor works the way she thinks it works, but hay what do I know?

She was going to see the midwife that day and I was excited to find out what what she was going to say so I asked Jess to call when she finds out. So later I called to find out what was up.

Her husband answered the phone.

John: Hi Zoe
Z: Hi John, how is Jess?
J: In early labor, she is 5 centimeters dilated. (sounding a little freaked out)
Z: (YAEH!!!) Really? How is she doing?
J: OK, I am trying to pack for Ian and the hospital. I thought that I had another week.
Z: (Have these people never heard about babies coming when they want and not when you want them to?) It will be OK
J: I got to go now (panic is now setting in). Can I have Jess call you back?(not thinking clearly)
Z: It is OK just tell her I hope it is a fast easy birth.

After a long weekend, in which they got her mom to fly out and stay with Ian their baby was born! Little girl. Congrats to them!!!!

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