Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Elijah Day

photo by Zoe

Elijah just laying around today. Just a list of things that Elijah is doing now:
  • He can could count up to 29 without help and if I give him the 30, 40, 50s he can keep going.
  • He loves to write letters and sees them everywhere we go. (E: I just saw 2 ee's)
  • He is starting to know what letters words start with.
  • He loves to give you a number and ask what it is. (a little hard when I am driving and I have to think what the number 58346 is? But still fun)
  • He loves to talk to people on the phone (even the guy at Pottery Barn;)
  • He can not sit still when he talks to people on the phone. (always on the move)
  • He loves to draw and do craft stuff.
  • He is a BIG help with Ada.
  • I think he knows what most of the letters are. (some of them still confuse him like M and W)
  • He told me the other day that he would eat Baked Ziti if it did not have any meat in it!!! This is big and we will be making BZ this week.
This is all I can think of right now. I am going to go play with him now as Ada is taking a nap.

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