Friday, March 7, 2008

Good Day

Photo by Zoe

Another random photo from Africa.

We are having a good day. Elijah helped me clean the upstairs earlier and when I say help, I mean HELPED! He dusted, cleaned, entertained Ada and much much more. How can this be the same kid from a couple of days ago? (I know he is a 4 year old!) I even let him watch extra TV today because he was so good. (I hope this will encourage him to help more often;) We still have the downstairs to do and I have run out of steam, I hope that I will have more energy after I rest a bit.

Thank God it is Friday. I am looking forward to a nice weekend and help that all the cleaning will make it so we can do some fun things this weekend.

Have a nice one everyone.

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Stephanie said...

have a good weekend! :)