Saturday, March 8, 2008

Crazy Socks

Elijah has this new thing that he loves 'Crazy Socks'. Crazy Socks is when you wear 2 different socks. This is a conversation that I had with him this week about socks.

E: Mom today is crazy sock day.
Z: OK that is nice to know.
E: Do you have crazy socks on?
Z: No I did not know it was crazy sock day.
E: Can you PLEASE put on crazy socks?
Z: If I need to change my socks I will put on crazy socks.
E: OK if you pee on your socks you can put on crazy socks!
Z: OK if I pee on my socks I will put on crazy socks
(I had to try really hard not to laugh)

By the way I did not have crazy socks that day.


Stephanie said...

I have crazy socks on right now.

kidding. hee!

Becca Pfile said...

Ok - that is so funny... And I loved how you had to add in that you did not end up in crazy socks that day.

Now if I ever see you in crazy socks, I will wonder how you got that way.