Friday, March 28, 2008

It might be time.

This is what I used to cut my hair today, I think it might be time to call and get an appointment.

We had a nice day with friends (THANK YOU to everyone that came over today!) There was lots of fun, but at one point a friends child tells us that he wants to have a stepmother and not his mom. When asked why he tells us that he wants to fight her all the time. Cute. I guess this means that my child is not the only one that just wants to pick a fight.

I am so glad that it is Friday and Mark should be home soon, as long as when he said he might not be back was just a joke because there where so many kids here today (I hope, I hope, I hope)

Our blessed friends are taking Elijah for the night tomorrow, I do not even know how we are going to celebrate party live with out him(wink). (Thank you Stephanie for showing me how to do that.) Maybe we will go out to dinner and have a nice dinner with only the one kid that eats everything and does not talk back (yet). OK more then likely we will just watch something on TV and read our books, but it is nice to think that we might do something fun.

Have a nice weekend.

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