Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just for me

photo by Zoe

A list of things that are making my life fun these days:
  • Craft night (I started a craft night and we had one last night it was small, but wonderful. I love that I can just hang out with my friends and work on crafts that I do not seem to have time to work on otherwise.)
  • Weight Watchers (I have been wanting to loss some weight since before Ada was conceived, but it was more then I could handle. But now I am ready to loss all the baby(s) weight and all the "I can eat all those cookies" weight, and I am doing it with a friend so I get to see her every week and that is nice)
  • This Blog (I love to take the time to write down stories, and use some of my photos for more then just space eaters on my hard drive)
  • Quilting Retreat (Another one of my friends and I are going to go on a quilting retreat where all we have to do is quilt, talk and eat, this may not mesh well with the weight watchers one, but I will love it.)
That is all that I can think of right now, but for me that is enough for right now. Let me know what you all are doing just for you. It is fun to hear what others are doing.

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