Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The joy of the class clown

I have often referred to my son as the class clown so now I am going to look at the positive side of this.

We where in the car the other day and Ada was in an ok mood, until the class clown started singing, making faces, playing peek-a-boo... ,you name it if it made her laugh. After that she was laughing and screeching with joy. It was great!

Sorry that I did not write yesterday. I had a great day with my friend Mary, working on some new jewelry for me! (she makes jewelry and I just had to get her started making it again, by going to her house and picking out stuff I want her to make, showing up at the house the next day, and making her make it! I do not have any other reason for making her start working in jewelry again besides my deep desire to help her do things that she loves;) I will put up some photos when she gets the pieces done.

It is to be a nice day today so I am hoping that we will be able to walk to the playground and get Elijah out to get some of the pent up energy out. Right now he is in his room, because he was hitting his toy car for not behaving the way he wanted it to. I do not think that the car learned a lesson from the punishment that it received.

Got to go now and start being a parent and stop blogging.


Stephanie said...

What an adorable picture of him! cutie.

You've been busy over here, lots to catch up on. :)

Anonymous said...

Ada looks really happy and i know just what Elijah means when he says Ada is crying. I think of that pattern of thinking as my socks are wet and i can't do anything because my socks are wet.

I am impressed that you took the kids to the park! Good Mom! barbara