Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fun Day Yesterday

OK I love this photo of Elijah. He looks so old and well like himself.

We had a great day with our friends yesterday. We meet them at Olbrich Gardens (and if I was cool I would know how to link that word to their website, but I do not know how to do that yet). Elijah was a bit of a tool, but it was still fun. I was going to bring my camera, but I forgot so I have not photos of that, sorry.

After Olbrich we went to lunch at Noodles and Company (again with the link thing). This seemed like a good idea at the time (go to a REALLY busy restaurant at noon with 4 kids) until Ada tipped over a full (and they give big glasses) glass of Coke on her lap. (When was the last time I put any extra outfits in the diaper bag for her? Oh good I have one shirt, but no pants.) Elijah had a brake down because the sun was in his eyes. (Thank God you can lower the shades.) It took a long time to find someone to help clean the table, because of the really busy restaurant thing. After we got Ada changed 2 kids to the potty, the shades lowered, some food in the kids things settled down some. I even got to eat. I am sure that there was at least one person around us that remembered they needed to refill their birth control pills because of us;)

After lunch we all come back to the house and the kids worked on removing the snow from the back yard. They had tons of fun.

By the time all the snow removal was done and they had had a snack, it was so late that I asked them if they just wanted to stay for dinner and a movie so that is what they did.

Yummy dinner of fish sticks and french fries.

So after a long day. Both my kids where in bed by 7:30 and where still there passed 7am! It was a great way to pass the day.

Today is a school day so it has been low key. Here is a nice photo of the trim work on the bookcases. For those of you that have been holding your breath waiting for it;)

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cousin c said...

oh what a day! i love the comment about anyone around you not forgetting to take their birth control pills,yes the stelar photo of "e" man looking so grown up and little ada happy after her meal. and the back yard looks like the wide outdoors next to our little backyard plots here, and yours are all equipped with christmas trees! what good fun, cousin c.